Hiring Caregiver Through Madawa

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Hiring Caregiver Through Madawa

It is very common in Thailand, as elsewhere, to employ caregivers or domestic helpers, such as nannies, maids, senior-caregivers, tutors, or housekeepers. There are different ways to recruit and employ them, either directly or through employment agencies. There may be great variety regarding fees and salaries among different agencies.

The advantage of using an agency to find a domestic worker in Thailand is that the agency handles all of the necessary paperwork and formalities. An agency should ensure that the workers have proper identification cards, certificates that attest to their abilities, such us childcare and housekeeping training, and also provide references.

An agency can assist in training a domestic worker who may not understand the employer’s language and can often act as a mediator if a problem arises. Agencies can help find a replacement if the domestic worker doesn’t meet the employer’s criteria.

The wages of domestic workers hired through an agency are typically higher than those hired directly.

Madawa Services was established to find the best match between families and caregivers. We privatize and customize our services for particular customers; our staff work hard to assist you to find suitable caregivers for your family’s needs.

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