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National Children’s Day 2019 is celebrated on Saturday (12/01/2019). The Thai government stipulates that the commemoration of national children's day is every Saturday the second week of January. Meanwhile, in various places around the world, Children’s Day is celebrated on different dates. International Children's Day is commemorated every June 1st and Universal Children’s Day is celebrated every November 20th. Other countries celebrate Children’s Day on another date. This celebration aims to respect the rights of children throughout the world.
The commemoration of National Children’s Day provides an unstoppable momentum as a means to arouse awareness and participation of the entire community towards respect, appreciation, and guarantees for children’s rights not to discriminate between them.
Besides, National Children’s Day provides an important reminder to continue to provide the best for children and ensure the maximum survival and growth of every child. This celebration should help to inspire and increase children’s awareness of their rights, obligations, and responsibilities towards parents, the community, and to the nation and state.

The commemoration of National Children’s Day can also remind the government and all levels of society to actively increase awareness and respect for the rights of childrenso that they can grow and develop optimally. Lately there have been many cases of violations of children’s rights in various environments, both in the home and in the community. These include instances of such violations as child exploitation, child abuse, child trafficking, and child neglect.

Recognizing children’s rights is very important, since the future of a nation liesin the hands of its children. Cases of violations of children’s rights most often occur in the family. For example, parents may be ignorant of the need to obtain a child’s birth certificate at birth, or may fail to take time to play with their children, or may neglect to maintain their health or to provide nutritious food.

A child’s world is about playing. Play is also essential for growth and development. A myriad of benefits can be obtained: Children need to play to channel their high energy; play makes them more cheerful, and by playing they can learn specific roles and bodily control.

Play should be fun, and is not a serious activity. However, through playing children also absorb knowledge and learn to solve problems. Actually, with or without parents, children can still play. But, if parents want to involve themselves in children’s games, there are many pluses, too, both for parents themselves and their children.

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