Tips for New Parents

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Tips for New Parents

Having a baby is a life-changing experience and can of course be overwhelming, especially in the beginning. The first three or four months can all be new, scary and challenging. Based on our experience as a caregiver agency also as parents, here are some tips to keep you grounded, patient and forgiving.

1. Do what works for you

As soon as you have a baby, other people surround you suddenly become experts and they will love to flood you with their advice and opinions. It is very common, but you need to make sure that, among all the parenting information and blogs that are out there, that you find your own way. Follow your instincts and find a lifestyle that really works for you and your baby.

2. Follow your instincts

The emotional feeling is something important that you should always trust, particularly as a new parent. It can be easy to be persuaded when others are recommending ways to feed, bath, and care for and even cuddle your baby. However, don’t ever give in to pressure from outside people over something, which you feel is wrong for your baby. You are the one who know the baby, and it will work for both of you.

3. Routines

We realize that we explode on about it a lot, but a good routine is golden way to make you more and more comfortable to take care of your baby. Remember, “Practice never betrayed the result”. It is the key to a happy baby and therefore a happy parent. Although, putting a good routine in place can take time, as soon as your baby becomes comfortable in knowing what to expect when, there will be no unpleasant surprises. You can rely on the routine a lot in times of need and relentless crying!

4. Be flexible

Build a repetition as a response/feedback to your baby’s needs, not the other way around such as people surround you. Be prepared for the routine to grow and change as your baby does. Also, although you always need a routine to fall back on, don’t be too hard on yourself if you fall out of it now and then. You’re only human!

5. Do research

When you’re in trouble about something, don’t be afraid to do your research. There are so many books, blogs and articles out there to investigate into and figure out which answers work for you. Be bold and choose which you believe, agree with aspire to do. Your have the right to choose whatever you feel is right as long as your choices are well informed.

6. Build the bond with baby

Parent sometimes forgets this. They feel guilty if do not do household chores such as cleaning or make a house tidy. But, in our viewpoint, it is acceptable to build a closer connection between parent and baby. Please remember this time will not be repeated. Just enjoy it. Never feel guilty if you’d rather just have a cuddle than tidy the house. The more you spend time with your baby, the stronger bonding between you and them. Throughout all the chaos, make time to do nothing but be with your baby.

7. Nobody is perfect

Sometimes, we frustrated when something not going the way we hope or expected, and it is completely normal. Forgive yourself, and learn from it to make you better for next step. Allow your self to feel it, deep breathe through it and take a moment to accept that nobody is perfect, and a lot of things do not go as our plan. This is even more happening for newborn baby, so prepare yourself for your expectations accordingly.

8. Be patient with yourself

We all believe that all mother not magically given special powers when giving a birth. They adapt from beginning and learn from the change of her. Make a mistake and learn from it. We all need that improve our ability become a mother. It is a long way to go until you feel comfortable as a mother. Do not be ashamed to ask for a helping hand when you need one.

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