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 Before hiring a nanny, you may want answers to these questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Although there are numerous agencies that do not even require face-to-face interviews, Madawa feels this is a vital part of the consideration process. We have met and fully screened all applicants in person prior to sending them to your family to be interviewed.

 Each and every candidate is required to submit to a Criminal Background and Medical check. Luckily, all applicants that come from neighborhood countries such as Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia, they already passed that documents prior in getting the work permit.  If requested for the latest one, Madawa can provide it with another additional fee. There are never any exceptions to the safety of the caregivers and families.

 Yes, which is why we conduct a background screenings.

 Yes. There is mandatory training for every Nanny, Sitter and caregiver that has been accepted in our registry. We conduct a basic First Aid and CPR training in our office that give the caregivers the tools to provide the best care for infants through school age children. Topics include Childcare growth, behavior and development, creating safe and secure environments for children, current childcare health trends and professionalism.

Madawa insists that ALL caregivers arecertified for Infants and Children before they accept a position. You can be guaranteed your Nanny has completed current classes with the most updated information regarding First Aid and safety.

 All placements, whether full time or part time, come automatically with a full four-month guarantee. We are extremely certain that our nannies are committed to the stability in your family and are happy to stand behind each and every family that hires one of our nannies! There are no hidden fees!

 The most popular service we offer, which sets us apart from many other agencies, is our complimentary back-up service. Like many of us, Nannies get called to Jury duty, have Doctor’s appointments or may get ill. Madawa is happy to provide a back-up Nanny on the day your Nanny is scheduled to be out. You simply pay the back-up Nanny for the hours she has worked and there is no agency fee. This complimentary service lasts the lifetime of your employment with your Nanny!

Service fee is THB 5,000
Interview Fee is THB 300 (home interview)
Skype, phone, and office interview are free of charge

On demand nanny/tutor/elderly care start from THB 300/hour
On demand maid start from THB 200/hour

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