Phyu Phyu Win

SKU : M-090 | 18,000

Maid | Live out | cleaning | Ironing | Child Care | Full time


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Hello, my name is Phyu Phyu Win. I am 25 years old from Myanmar. I can speak Thai well. I am looking for a job as a maid or nanny to live out. I have experienced a nanny for 2 years in Bang Phli. Thai and English employers. My duty was a take care of children. The second job was a nanny in Sukhumvit for 1 year. Here I take care of the boy was newborn until he was 1 year old. And then I working Nursery in Lad Prao Soi 101 for 2 years. I can take care of the kid aged from 5 months-3 yeas. My duty is cleaning, organize kid's clothes, play with them and feeding. I am okay to work with the family who has pets. I can start to work immediately. If you are interested in my profile, please contact me via Madawa, thank you.

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