Yamone Nar

SKU : M-096 | 17,000

Maid | Nanny | Live in | Cooking | Cleaning | Ironing | Child Care | Full time


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Hello, my name is Yamone Nar. I am 30 years old from Myanmar. I can speak English and Thai well. I am looking for a job as a maid or nanny to live in. I have first experience working for a maid in Silom for 2 years, employers are Indian families.  I can clean the house, clean the bathroom, ironing, throw away the garbage. The second job was a maid in Sukhumvit for 3 years. And Later I am pregnant, Then transformed into a mother who sells jeans at the Platinum shopping center for 2 years. I am not okay to work with the family who has pets, Because I'm afraid of animals. I am a prudent and trustworthy person. If you are interested in my profile, please contact me via Madawa, thank you.

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