Our Services

At Madawa, we provide nurturing and productive caregivers in your home. As an agency our services include everything from permanent Nanny, maid, tutor, and elderly care placement to short term one. We offer:

Caregiver to suit any schedule 
    Full time placement
    Part time placement
    On demand service

Caregivers are thoroughly screened for safety, nurturing and creative qualities
A minimum of one year experience is required
 Sick child care
Thorough Criminal background checks
Drug tests if requested
Thorough childcare related reference checks
Extensive interviews by our staff
Fully staffed Monday-Saturday for immediate response to your needs
Competitively priced

Our Fees

 Fees for Full-Time and Part-Time Caregiver and Babysitting Services in Thailand:
Our processing and pre-screening insures you will receive a qualified Nanny that is selected based on your needs and expectations. We will deliver qualified, experienced candidates to your doorstep. Like other nanny agencies, we charge the family a one-time fee for a long-term commitment. The agency fee is charged only after we successfully place a Nanny in your home. There are separate fees associated with the Caregiver provider, customer pay THB 5,000, and caregiver also pay of 20% from their first month salary which generally charges between THB 10,000 – 25,000. Customer needs to deduct that amount and transfer together to company account. We guarantee that we will confidently replace your Nanny within a four-month period at no additional cost. Our commitment is to make sure your caregiver is right for your family. We will be happy to provide you with a list of our professional screening questions.

On Demand Babysitting services:
For On Demand Nannies, our rate is start from THB 300/hour. We offer pre-screened, qualified sitters that will come to your home. If you call the Agency at 0949-747-959 (English speaking) or 062-062-3799 & 097-072-2959 (Thai speaking), we will forward available Nanny profiles to you and you can select the Nanny of your choice. Each sitter is scheduled for a minimum of four hours. Our fee is paid at the time of the booking.

We accept credit card, Paypal as well as bank transfer.

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