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Hiring a Caregiver – Madawa Process

Madawa offers exceptional professional caregiver placement services for families in Thailand and Southeast Asia region. As a local caregiver agency, we understand you have great expectations for your children and family and so do we. We do the homework for you; pre-screening reliable, and experienced caregiver professionals to meet your hiring needs.


Safety is critically important when hiring a caregiver. At Madawa we are committed to thoroughly vetting each Nanny and sitter for our families. We screen our candidates through a lengthy eight-step process unlike most on line services.

The Background checks are specifically ordered based on the cities that the candidate has lived and worked. Unlike many on line services, the search is deep and not simply an instant computerized document. A national criminal search is conducted that identify if the candidate is legally allowed to work. Often a Nanny will be asked to drive the children, so Madawa will include Driving Records with candidates if applicable.

Work References Madawa will personally call ande-mail the work references. This is a far more thorough approach than the on-line recordings of references. By speaking to the parents, Madawa can hear the enthusiasm or hesitation in each family. We record all comments and add these permanently to the Nanny file for the potential family to review. For example, a gap between jobs or job “hopping” is seen as a red flag.

In Office, In Person Interviews  –  A Nanny or caregiver may look terrific on paper, or on-line, but you learn so much from body language, manner of dressing, and professional appearance. The caregiver must complete extensive paperwork and follow through with the policies and procedures of Madawa. Consistent, appropriate communication is an important element when hiring a caregiver, so we are careful to monitor the caregiver’s communication with the agency. Those that cannot communicate, cancel interviews, or do not respond will not be added to the Madawa registry.

Complimentary Emergency Back-Up and Sitter Services – This is a favorite service for our families. At Madawa, we know life happens. At the last minute, your caregiver may have an unforeseeable emergency and you have a critical meeting. With over hundreds caregiver in our registry, we will be able to provide you with an experienced back-up one so you do not miss your meeting, flight or engagement. There is no charge for this service once you become a family member.

Guarantee We also guarantee we will search for a permanent replacement if your caregiver does not meet your expectations within four months. We will conduct another search for your family and provide you with a temporary one while we find the right candidate for your family. No online service can or does provide this kind of insurance.

At Madawa, we are passionate about finding the utmost qualified nannies to assist in your child’s development and are committed to increasing each child’s potential through professional, experienced nanny services. Whether you need full time, part time or temporary childcare, we understand that security, reliability and compassion come first. We pride ourselves on hiring experienced nannies that are positive, professional and enthusiastic about their work.

As a caregiver service, our business is to help your family function productively when work and busy schedules must be met. After all, when you’re confident that your children are in good hands, you can be more productive in your own pursuits, from Bangkok, toNorth, to South and beyond the country. Wherever your dreams may take you, a caregiver from Madawa can help you and your child reach those goals together!



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